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Solid Gold and Precious Gemstones: Reimagined by 'KIN

Solid Gold and Precious Gemstones: Reimagined by 'KIN

Merging 9 and 10-karat gold with a variety of precious gemstones like Emeralds, Sapphires, and even lab-grown diamonds, 'KIN's latest collection is offering a contemporary take on fine jewellery. 

“We've invested nearly three years in developing this ring collection, collaborating with suppliers in Thailand and Hong Kong. However, we were determined to meet the highest standards of quality, which we found in local gold artisans here in Malaysia. The exploration of yellow 9k gold has brought us the quality we've been seeking.” - Athiya Hamid, co-founder of ‘KIN

This line isn't just about wearing jewellery; it's about owning your style with pieces that are as unique and understated as you are.

“While 9k products exist in our current market, they often lack contemporary designs and are typically made in white gold, presented as token gifts. In contrast, yellow low-karat gold has gained immense popularity in Europe, Australia, and the U.S., particularly in demi-fine and fine jewelry brands, being durable enough to be cherished as heirloom pieces. We are thrilled to offer our customers new, highly accessible custom options.” - Zaireen Iskandar, co-founder of ‘KIN


9-Karat Solid Gold

Also known as 9k is distinguished by its lower karat content, has emerged as an affordable and durable option for Solid Gold jewellery. Currently popular in Australia, Europe, and the U.S., its light-yellow gold shade exudes timeless charm, making it an excellent choice to begin your collection of timeless heirloom pieces.


Crafting with Expertise

‘KIN partners with skilled artisanal goldsmiths in Malaysia, infusing a modern flair into 9k Solid Gold to craft contemporary rings tailored for the modern woman. Indulging in everyday luxuries that all women deserve, consider it as the ultimate self-rewarding gift.

Customisable Designs

Customise your piece with a gemstone cut and colour that resonates with you, adding a personal touch. Elevate its significance by engraving meaningful words, turning it into a one-of-a-kind accessory that reflects your individuality—a personal statement, not just an adornment.

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