Demi-fine jewellery blurs the line between fine jewellery and costume jewellery. While fine is typically crafted from precious metals and stones and sold at high prices, costume jewellery is usually made out of pleated alloys (stainless steel, copper and brass) and crystals (Cubic Zirconia and other man-made crystals). Demi-fine jewellery uses only precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium).

The costume jewellery customer looks for a quick fast-fashion purchase, while the fine jewellery customer looks to make a significant purchase and is usually associated with milestone gifting. The demi-fine customer looks to accessorise but also expects their newly purchased pieces to last a long time, with proper care. 

“The demi-fine market has been evolving for the past few years,” said Emily Gordon-Smith, head of fashion at Stylus, a trend research firm. “It’s for women in their 20s-40s, who we call the "luxury hunter" and it’s definitely part of the whole trend around self-gifting. Whereas the traditional consumer may have been about the it-bag or the statement shoe, it has now shifted to the area of semi-luxury jewellery.”

All our pieces at ‘KIN are demi-fine as we use only the most precious of metals. All our hoops are made of 925 Sterling silver, plated with Rhodium or in 18k Gold Vermeil (of 2.5 micron).