‘KIN is a Demi-Fine jewellery brand whose vision celebrates edge, sophistication, and eclectic taste – created by two friends, who craved something out of the ordinary.

Our names are Athiya and Zaireen.

Born in 2018, ‘KIN had its start when we realised how hard pressed we were to find jewellery that was hassle free, kept up with our busy lives, and genuinely suited our day to day looks. As new mothers, we also knew we wanted to stay on top of the game, but without the extra work. So ‘KIN was created to give everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with Demi-Fine jewellery, the alternative to both, high-end and fast-fashion jewellery.

Skipping out on the hefty price tag, while serving up some serious quality, our Demi-Fine jewellery includes pieces in 14k or 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil, 18k Rose Gold Vermeil and Rhodium, over 925 Sterling Silver.

Our debut collection launched in April 2019 and comprised of hoop earrings that have now become a cult favourite. These include hoops in various classic sizes and designs, all of which are incredibly lightweight, stylish, and guaranteed to last for years with proper care.

Now, the newest addition to the ‘KIN clan are our chains and charms. A series of daring, natural gem-encrusted pendants made to perfectly pair with our clean-cut, yet audacious Rolo chains. From golden eggs to onyx pills with an edge, this is as versatile as it gets. Layering, highly recommended.

A lovechild of all that is both, classic and contemporary—‘KIN offers go-to essentials, for the everyday woman.

For those who know how to cut the fluff, get shi*t done, and look damn good doing it.