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Dia x ‘KIN: Where Fashion Meets Elegance

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, an exquisite collaboration unfolded between ‘KIN and the visionary Malaysian designer, Syomirizwa Gupta on his latest collection “Dia”. From the grand stages of fashion week to the intimacy of private shows, this collaboration is a testament to the fusion of bold couture and exquisite demi-fine jewellery.

At the spotlight moments of fashion week, this collaboration showcased the best of both worlds: ‘KIN’S empowering statement pieces, accentuating the stunning outfits of Syomirizwa’s designs like they were made for each other. 

As the curtains close on Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, the collaboration shifted gears to intimate private events. This allowed enthusiasts and patrons to experience a closer look at the artistry and finesse behind every piece of the Dia and ‘KIN collaboration.

The collaboration between Dia and 'KIN is a celebration of individuality, allowing fashion enthusiasts to revel in the fusion of couture and jewellery, creating a seamless harmony that transcends boundaries.

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