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Lifestyle Asia: Malaysian Demi-Fine Jewellery Brand, ‘KIN Launches Its Second Chapter

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By Jolin Lee, 19 December 2019.

In between the more prestigious jewellery brand and the ones that are more catered towards fast fashion, there is this tiny gap that is unfulfilled — jewellery that is hassle-free, high quality yet affordable seems to be lacking in the industry. It’s easy to find jewellery staples, but many of them would either fall into the hefty price tag category or quality that is just not up to par.

What many are actually looking for is demi-fine jewellery — pieces that hit that certain sweet spot between fine and costume jewellery. As fine jewellery is usually made with precious stones and metals, and costume ones are made using alloys and crystals — demi-fine is that perfect balance between the two; usually made in 14k gold and semi-precious stones. That’s where friends, Athiya Hamid and Zaireen Iskandar comes in with their brand ‘KIN.

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