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Collaboration: Behind The Scenes Of ‘KIN x Yuna

Collaboration: Behind The Scenes Of ‘KIN x Yuna

Yuna fans know her not only for her music, but also her terrific sense of style – and hoops are a big part of that!

As you know, we’re all about the hoops. When we heard Yuna was back in Malaysia last year, we wanted to introduce ‘KIN to her and she took the time to meet us. We got to chatting, she tried our signature pieces and loved them, and the idea of a collaboration sparked.

We were playing around with a few hoop designs at the time for our next collection. Yuna wanted to learn more about Demi-Fine jewellery and was interested in the design and production process. She began working on a mood board of some of the designs she liked and we were keen to make her vision happen. 

A lot of time and effort goes into each of our pieces, from perfecting the design to the craftsmanship of the final product. This collaboration was no different. Over the period of a few months, we explored the styles Yuna had shared with us. Some of the main concerns we look into for all our hoops are suitability of hoop style for the materials we use (our hoops are made from 925 Sterling Silver), weight (even our chunkiest hoops have to be lightweight!), wearability and affordability. Getting these right always takes time, but our collaboration with Yuna took longer than usual as Covid-19 not only affected us, but our manufacturing partners too. We shared updates with Yuna where we could, but the process was rockier than we would have liked. Honestly, we were just glad that she was still interested in working with us after all this time!

When the samples were finally ready, Yuna tried them all on to see which resonated with her most. She quickly picked out the ‘twisted flat ribbon’ hoops, as we referred to them. They are minimalist and classy but have a chic and quirky character that embodies her personal style. These are now known as the 1.5” Yuna Hoops. 

To celebrate the ‘KIN x Yuna collaboration, we put together this comprehensive campaign. 

This was hands down the biggest and most complicated video and photo shoot we have ever done, but we think it perfectly captures the spirit of the Yuna Hoops and their namesake inspiration.

We wanted a fun, playful 1970s aesthetic and created three sets around a retro glam theme using fashion and props from that era. Getting the look and feel right was tricky but thanks to all the fabulous people who worked with us on this, especially the Think Tank team, the ‘KIN x Yuna campaign is everything we hoped it would be and more. We really couldn’t have done it without our talented partners – and of course Yuna, who is a joy to work with and an inspiration for many with her fearlessness and charm. Thank you all for being part of our ‘KIN Tribe!


Film: Maurice Noone and team, Director’s Think Tank
Photography: Bibo Aswan
Secondary Photography: Sam Goh
Wardrobe stylist: Zulvanny
Makeup: Cat Yong 

Dream Team!

Shout out to those that also had a helping hand in making this campaign what it is!

Deeds Ramlan, Petrina Fernandez, Lavanya Indralingam, Daniel Loo, Hitomi Washizaki, Nadia Jasmin, Amri Rahim.

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