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'KIN Connections: Where Quality Jewellery and Everyday Women Meet

'KIN Connections: Where Quality Jewellery and Everyday Women Meet

Welcome to the world of ‘KIN. 

Our 'KIN showroom, established a year ago, is more than a simple display of trinkets—it's the heart of our community, the place where we meet and engage with the incredible 'KIN women shaping our everyday world.

This space has nurtured our growing collection, sparked lively gatherings, and fostered heart-to-heart connections with so many of you. We often say amongst ourselves, "It’s a space that is so cosy and intimate, it feels like a second home”


At 'KIN, we see jewellery as more than just accessories. To us, they're extensions of your personal style and unique personality. We're wholly committed to crafting high-quality jewellery for you—the everyday woman. Through every clasp, hoop, and chain we design, our goal is to enhance your presence as you conquer the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Our showroom transforms into an intimate arena for styling sessions, and a vibrant hub for unfiltered podcast discussions, essentially a home where we forge significant bonds. Step into the 'KIN universe and experience how our pieces can infuse an extra spark into your daily routine.

Fancy a chat about Demi-Fine jewellery over a cup of coffee, tea, or perhaps something with a little more kick? Schedule your appointment at Come and be a part of the 'KIN community 🤍


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