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Collaboration: Wynka x 'KIN

Collaboration: Wynka x 'KIN

Mothers are known to be their children’s strongest advocates, most enthusiastic cheerleaders and in this instance, most unabashed hustlers. Our collaboration with Borneo-based label Wynka came as a pleasant surprise after Zaireen’s mother, Aunty Salbiah sat beside Aunty Susan by chance at a wedding in Kuching. The two mothers got to talking about their children and upon finding out that her newfound friend’s daughter resided in KL, Aunty Susan revealed that her daughter’s label was planning for a fashion show and photoshoot in KL. If you guessed that this was the moment Aunty Salbiah hustled her way into securing ‘KIN’s collaboration with Wynka, then you would be absolutely right. 

Out of the blue, Zaireen received a text saying that the person had spoken to Aunty Susan (we had no idea who that was at the time) who spoke to Zaireen’s mum about using ‘KIN’s jewellery for the fashion shoot and show. And so began a fun (and picture perfect) collaboration. Wynka’s pieces were floral and dreamy – different from our previous photoshoot collaboration with Afiq M’s modern pieces. Yet, our hoop earrings perfectly complemented Wynka’s feminine outfits. With photographer Aaron behind the lens and the alluring beauty that is Ein Tan in front of it, the shots for Wynka’s 2019 Garden collection shoot came out absolutely sublime.

Come 15th of May, a glittering mix of media, socialites, fashion bloggers, influencers, fashion designers and Kuching’s fashion set gathered at Oasis Event Venue, The Gardens Mall for Wynka’s fashion show. As the beautiful models strutted down the runway wearing Wynka’s exquisite pieces ‘KIN hoop earrings dangling on their earlobes we can’t help but be thankful for our mothers and their persistence – and that serendipitous wedding in Kuching that brought us this collaboration! 

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