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Unreserved: Athiya Hamid Takes On The World With Sparkle

Unreserved: Athiya Hamid Takes On The World With Sparkle

Lady boss and one of UNRESERVED's March cover women Athiya Hamid talks about her jewellery brand 'KIN, motherhood and ageing gracefully

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By Zoe Ibrahim, 8 March 2019.

Heavily pregnant, Athiya has her mind on more than just the birth of her second baby. This month she’ll be launching her very own jewellery brand called ‘KIN. “Technically my second baby is my business.” She and her partner-in-crime decided that they could do more while they ploughed through motherhood and earn some money at the same time. They found a hoop-sized gap in the jewellery market and are trying to shimmy their way into it. “It was just so difficult to find a pair of good hoops that would last that wasn’t fine jewellery.” With their niche in hand, they’ve developed a demi-fine jewellery line of sturdy lightweight hoop earrings with technology from Thailand (@jewellerybykin). One of the difficulties she faced in pushing out this new business is dealing with suppliers and deciding on what would really sell in this niche market.“I didn’t think I’d be in the jewellery business, I always thought I’d be in the food industry. I wanted to open a restaurant so much that I even tried to work in a cafe, though they thought I was overqualified.”

On ageing

“It’s not as bad as I thought.” Before this, her first response would have been “Scary” though she admits that she never really thought about growing old. When she was in her 20s she was busy going out with friends. Now with her second child on the way, it seems like the years are just flying by and she’s only 30.

“The most important life lesson is to be patient…things will come at the right time…and it’s important to be honest.” She admits that she’s not the most patient person around. “I’m honest and I care a lot about my family. I’ve really become a homebody; when I was in university I barely spent any time at home. Now I spend more time with my husband, daughter and cats. I’ve always loved the idea of a full house. When my parents, brother and sisters are all in the same place, it’s really nice.” 

On other people ageing

“I’m a bit apprehensive about my loved ones ageing. But I don’t realise it about myself,” she says with a laugh. The thought of your favourite people ageing is daunting because it generally means their inching closer to the grave. “It’s scary when I think about my daughter growing old. I think about my parents and how they’ve grown old over time. I still remember them when they were in their 30s and now they’re in their 50s. You see a huge difference in their personalities and interests. But that’s just part of life and I think that’s beautiful.” Athiya is honest and accepting of ageing and its consequences. When asked about beauty over mind, it becomes a clear-cut answer: “What is the concept of beauty, anyway? It’s what you think looks good and genuine. You have to be genuine about beauty. I don’t like fake beauty. The mind is definitely important, you have to keep your mind fresh.” And Athiya’s inner beauty shines through here.


“I love ‘em, gotta have ‘em. Diamonds, I can’t say are a girl’s best friend, because cats are. But it’s always nice to own a pair of diamond studs, everyone should have a pair of those.” Simple and neat, she prefers them plainer than she used to. Before she married her husband she imagined an elaborate, bejewelled diamond ring. Instead, she got sets of solitaires. “I used to wear them every day until I entered the hoop business, now I’m all about those hoops.”

 When she’s 60

“Hopefully alive,” she jokes cheekily. “I’ll probably be the crazy cat lady, I already am… I hope I’ll be happy with my family. I love big family get-togethers. It’s most fun when everyone is together.”

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